Acting more than its original purpose

More people are becoming conscious of how their bodies would look like. As a result of this, many individuals are starting to practice a healthy lifestyle and regularly going to a fitness center. Some of these people might just want to tone their muscles and have it look better. There are also those people who are seeing things differently and want to be all buffed and their muscles always pumped up. Achieving a better toned set of muscles would entail regular weight lifting sessions. This is also being aided by several food supplements presently being manufactured and circulating the market.

Within the territory of the United States of America, there is that one supplement that is not in the form of a pill or a drink. The deer antler spray supplement comes in a spray as the name of the product implies. A review on deer antler spray can be found here.What is remarkable about this spray is that it is not just helping the muscles to be toned and built, but it also promotes natural healing of it and also for the body’s tissues. It might also be good to point out that this particular spray supplement is not synthetic. Deer antlers are part of the Eastern traditional medicine that is being practiced for centuries. It is one of the reasons why an increasing number of health enthusiasts are turning to this spray supplement in comparison to the other supplements whether in pill or drink form.

It is not just a supplement but also a medicine for recovery and repairs

There is only a handful of food supplement that would also act as a medicine. The deer antler spray supplement is one of them. It is not just helping the body to tone the muscles and increase the strength, stamina and endurance of an individual. The spray supplement has also been used by a number of people to help their muscles be rebuilt and rehabilitate after an injury. For those people who have undergone surgeries, whether it is a minor one or a major procedure, the spray supplement was able to help them reduce the recovery period and let their tissues be repaired at a faster rate.

Athletes used it in the past while suffering from an injury, regular people use it too

Ray Lewis is a professional NFL linebacker for the Baltimore Ravens. He had suffered from a tear in his triceps and used the deer antler spray to aid the tissue repair and muscle rehabilitation. This has opened the eyes of several institutions about the products associated with deer antlers. The World Anti-Doping Association or WADA has lifted its ban for products with deer antler in 2013. This is to recognize the more people it is helping than the presence of a banned substance in a very minimal level.

Being diagnosed with brain tumor in 2011, I need to undergo a couple of procedures to have the tumor removed. Recovering from the first surgery was okay. The time allotted for the recovery period was less than three months. For the second cranial surgery that happened in 2013, it seemed that my body was not cooperating. Almost six months had passed but the recovery progress was very slow. Because of the lift in the ban of products with deer antlers, the surgeons and I agreed to take a couple of sprays in a week. This small amount has increased my recovery rate after a month of use. It is a good sign since I am getting a little impatient to get back on my feet and do the things I used to do like going to the mall and having a cup of coffee or maybe two.

Using the supplement not just for body building

All of the circulating supplements in the United States have gone through a series of tests from the US Federal Drug Authority or FDA. This is to ensure that the supplement would not bring harm to an individual or maybe cause some untoward side effects. In the past years, one of the more controversial supplements that have been made public is the deer antler spray supplement. Others would initially think of the negative things as to why it is being banned by the FDA. This should not be the case. There should be further testing conducted for the supplement to further digest its content and the ratio of it being a good medication from it giving harm to the body.

Supplements, body building and muscle formation

There are hundreds of food supplements manufactured and sold around the world that are saying to help an individual form better and firmer muscles. Some of these supplements are stating that it is needed to be consumed because it can help a person’s body to build muscles on a faster rate. A number of these body building products are being sold online. There are a number of individuals who are running to synthetic medications that is being as steroids to boost their strength and performance while in the gym. Accompanying these steroidal medication are controversies and imminent side-effects experienced upon long exposures to the drug.

Banned substance present in the deer antler spray supplement

With the increasing popularity of the mentioned spray supplement, the FDA and the World Anti-Doping Association or WADA made a shocking move of banning it due to the presence of IGF-1 or insulin-like growth factor 1. It is to note that this so-called performance enhancer is present in other red meat products. Individuals below the age of 80 is said to be producing it naturally in the body. If it is natural in the human body, why is it being banned? The sanction given by WADA was lifted in 2013.

The supplement is not just for building muscles and increasing the endurance of an individual. It is also being utilized by people who might be suffering from an injury or has just undergone any type of surgeries. The substances found in deer antlers are said to aid the human body in recovery and repair of damaged tissues and muscles. It is also good to note that the IGF-1 found in the spray supplement will be very mild upon application to the human body. There is still no study up to the present that would support the claim that even the smallest amount of IGF-1 would be found harmful to the body or would have an addictive effect.

It is not just individuals who might want to build a better physique who find this spray supplement as helpful for them to reach their goals. Individuals who are bruised with injuries are also finding the deer antler spray supplement as a good friend as they are rebuilding the muscles and tissues that are damaged in their bodies. Coming from two major cranial operations, the help of the spray supplement personally was observed. For my first operation, I used the spray supplement and it only took me less than six months to pick up where I left off prior to the operation. I tried refrained using it after undergoing my second surgery to remove the brain tumor and it is taking me quite some time before I can do the things I used to do with ease. It has been more than a year and I have not fully recovered. I started taking the spray supplement again and my progress is remarkable.

It was a tough road getting back in shape

Who would not want to have that flat abs and well-toned arms? It is the goal of many women in the world. As for their male counterparts, of course they would want those properly toned muscles in their abdomen and a set of biceps to die for. It takes more than just weight lifting and exercise to do those.

The task of getting in shape is very tedious especially if you are like me who have undergone two cranial surgeries in a period of two years. There are so many points listed in the do’s and don’ts making routine exercise planning quite a task already. I thought that it is almost impossible for me to get back in shape and I should just learn to embrace the bigger version of me due to effects of long exposure to dexamethasone.

But I was very wrong. Upon searching online what I can do to get back in shape, I came across a product named deer antler spray supplement. It said that it would help in toning the muscles and achieve a better physique. I thought it was a very cliché looking advertisement until I tried the product myself. Since I was limited to lighter set of dumbbells, I thought it would take me eternity to have a smaller set of arms. Just a few months of exercise with the spray supplement, my arms are looking like I have been exercising majority of my adult existence. Even though I am not as I am too lazy even to pick-up the remote control.

This product brought back hope in me. It is bringing back the confidence that I had before I was diagnosed with brain tumor. It is true that this is not a hopeless world. There are more that it will offer to those people who know where to look.